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Our Story


The seed of Western Door Healing was planted when John Bennett preformed a Native American fast vigil. It was here that he envisioned the community he wanted to create around him. This seed quickly took the unlikely shape of a travel opportunity.

Enticed into the unknown, he followed the Call. He came into contact with many remarkable people and places. A trend began to emerge. John was finding himself again and again drawn to healers and healing techniques.

Wilderness Fusion, Vapassana, John of God, Master John Douglas, Teal Swan, Bentinho Massaro.

His whirlwind tour slowly settled into a rhythm, as he began to root into practices. The Vapassana practice of meditation, regular contact with nature, and the Wilderness Fusion healing school.

Wilderness Fusion has taught John how to develop his talent of Healing Touch. Through bringing this healing modality to those around him, John hopes to build and support strong, flourishing community.


Yoga Block

Like the Locust tree, Western Door's runner roots unfurl to find the right place to sprout into a new saplings. Reforesting the landscape.??One such sapling is the Guided Energy Meditation. This class is a great place to explore: do I want to go deeper into this forest, that is Western Door Healing?


We hold class in various locations as a point of contact for those who are curious.

Contact us if you think bringing a class to your area would be a good fit.

Western Door Healing is a sanctuary, a safe place for searchers to come and deeply clean themselves. A place of healing. A place to not only heal yourself of deep seated afflictions, but also to practice your own medicine. A place of learning.

A Growing Network

As you heal and cleanse yourself, your own medicine and wisdom will more effortlessly bubble forth, a cool spring deep in the woods?

Just as many animals and plants make a healthy forest, many different pieces will come together to create a healthy network of cooperative communities.

Contact us about what pieces you want to bring.

Looking to the Future

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Western Door Healing is a piece of a much larger movement. We are building a network of cooperative communities.

The healing we provide and teach allows for the other pieces of community building to fall more easily into place. When individuals in a community have healthy minds and bodies, Social Permaculture becomes possible.

Social Permaculture

Farming Permaculture puts a lot of energy into setting up a farming system that needs very little maintenance because it works with the natural flows of the environment. Social Permaculture does the same with setting up systems for humans to interact with each other in community.

Arguments, problem, negative emotions are inevitable. If a system for safely dealing with these eventualities is in place, a more effortless harmonious community results.


Another important component of building this network of cooperative communities is money.Ubuntu One Small Town

Money is simply a for of external energy. This external energy has become corrupted and a lot of negative energetics cling to this medium. Actively cleansing these energy from money is important.

Additionally, our network of communities will utilize the Ubuntu model of money. In this model corporate middle men are cut out of the picture as business becomes more locally concentrated. Electric, food, water, and material goods are produced on a local level. Surplus are sold to near by towns instead of places half way around the world.

Click here for more information about Ubuntu.

Realizing the Dream

When all the pieces are together, imagine:

Waking up in a house built by your friends and family utilizing sacred geometry environmental friendly building materials. The building is built for you, a work of art tailored to your lifestyle and climate.

You go into the kitchen and drink clean water, energetically and physically purified. You make yourself a delicious breakfast from foods grown on the property or nearby. Your friends and family come to join you. You discuss what adventures you are going to get into today. Your friend is going to do some repairs on the solar cells the power this property. Your father is taking a 1st grade class on a walk through the woods to explain the local towns plan for reestablishing biodiversity in the area.

What will you do today? What piece do you want to bring to this community? Your passion for yoga? Your experience in woodworking? Perhaps you’ll go to that permaculture and circuitry class your neighbor is giving at the town center. Perhaps you’ll spend some time in the sun with the plants in your garden.

All this is possible. It all starts with you.

Contact us with the pieces you hope to add.

Open Arms Yoga,