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Potions and Motions

"I motion that there be more potions to fulfill our quotions."
"Our quotions for potions?"
"Yes, yes!"
"What a curious notion, what's the quotion?

"Well…er…umm…this brings up an embarrassing emotion because the quotion is for topical lotion"
"Topical lotion! Why would such a motion to fulfill a quotion of potion lotion bring about such an embarrassing emotion?"
"Because I'm afraid the the notion to propose a motion to fulfill a quotion of potion lotion will lead to pollution of the the ocean."
"Hmm pollution is not a solution, how to balance this potion notion."
"Well, now that I think on it, a solution of dilution could be a solution to the quotion lotion potion problem"
"No, no, no. Dilution is no solution. How about you make your elixir out of locally sourced organic produce and ingest this tonic directly so as to treat the root of the problem."
"Ooooh, that a great idea, i'll just make a chronic tonic."

My bro and I had some fun with the juicer today. He made the most delicious pineapple, grape, lemon, cyan pepper amazingness. It was a gentle tropical vacation for my mouth.

I got my Snape Master of Potions on and made a cabbage, carrot, spinach, apple cider vinegar fandango. It was a bold yet gentle rejuvenation for my body.

After successfully finishing my fasting retreat in Sedona, I'm moving into the juicing phase. This is part of the recommendations of the fasting retreat.

I feel really energetic and things in my life seem to be lining up better now. I'm sleeping about the same as I did before but I hear that many of the other retreaters are sleeping less. Physically I'm more active than before and I hope it warms up soon so I can get back into running, but if not there are plenty of hikes around.


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Saturday, 11 July 2020