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Preliminary Travel Plans Jan 20, 2017

This Weekend (21st-22nd Jan):
I'm off to my Healer Tracker class. This class is in the lineage of Tom Brown and deals with understand ones own psychology through examining ones track, aka foot prints. I've already taken one class. The teachers say nothing is hidden in your track. From how much you ate to childhood trauma, its all there. I've experienced this first hand, and they are not fooling around.

Check out Tom Brown if you are interested in discovering the efficacy of this technique.

This course helps me understand my own psychology, my own wounds. Through the process of healing my own wounds, I begin to understand how to heal others with the same wounds. In this way, this class teaches me how to be a better healer.

This course meets 4 times a year for 7 years, a serious commitment. They also do one off classes. Check out Wilderness Fusion if your interested in the program.

Next Week (29th-8th Feb)
I'm off to Sedona AZ for a fasting retreat. This retreat is aimed at teaching my body how to be a more efficient energetic engine. I'll also be able to clean out some toxins through this process.

This retreat is put on my Ray Manor. He is awesome and puts this retreat on all over the world. He had trained with the best and has created a very safe and gentle fasting retreat. The schedule is full of wonderful goodies such as a Vipassana day, nutritious juices, and lectures.

Coming Soon:Nordic Trip. I'll prolly check out Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Finland, and German. I'm pretty low on funds at the moment so I'm going to set up a go fund me campaign.

On Tap:
–Journey to Standing Rock. Any one interested?
–Oregon, Washington, Vancouver tour
–Japan, India, Australia, Hawaii tour (prolly next year)

Go Fund Me Nordic Roots Trip
Ubuntu, the way of the future


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