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Ubuntu, the way of the future

This movement has really caught my attention. Many well connected people I know say this is the way of the future and I agree with them. I love to deal with probabilities and trends. I see this moment as an inevitability with the current forces at play in our world. Because I love to look at trends so much, I am an extreme optimist.

At this point in our human history I think it is a statistical certainty that our world will transform into a utopian society.

What a crazy thing for me to say right? Trump is president. The USA is bombing 7 countri
under Obama. Its almost certain that we will lose all our coastal cites and 800 million people will be displaced in the next 5 years. And yet I am an extreme optimist.


Well the answer is base on hundreds of data points that I see and it will take me some time to make it all concise but that is one of my goals with this blog. I'll try to tackle different sections how our current world is burning and show you how this burning proves that we are headed in a good direction.

I ask you not to believe me but to be open to the possibility that I can, in time, prove this to you. Ask lots of questions and transform your anger into action.


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Saturday, 11 July 2020