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Vortex Hopping: from NY to Sedona

Woke to a blanket of snow, all calm and quiet, still. I eat breakfast and 15 minuets later my Dad and I go outside to get in the car. We are greeted by an additional inch of snow and white out conditions.

I get excited, what a send off! My Dad reminds me that we may not make it to the airport…right, right, dangerous and all that…

15 minuets later we are out of the vortex and its not snowing. 15 minuets after that there is no snow on the ground.

I've heard a lot about the Sedona vortex, this will be my first visit. I hear vortexes are energy spots who's flow mainly moves upward. The energy coming from inside the earth and spiraling upward towards the stars is the strongest flow.

There are other energy spots that do the reverse. The energy spirals downward from the heavens and grounds into the land. I wonder if there are any spots where these two forces are totally balanced.

I just finished my Healing Tracker Class in Asheville last weekend and I defiantly felt the land's energy. I arrived in the dark yet the valley we camped in felt so bright and nurturing. There were a lot of really nice plants and lush vegetation. The stream was pleasantly rambling over the rocks, lighthearted and grounding.

Many rain storms passed through the valley over the weekend and by the end the stream had changed. Its heart was still the same. Still cleansing, and lighthearted. Now it had more energy, more purpose, more freedom.

I see myself reflected in the stream. I too, now have more energy and more freedom. Not sure about more purpose, I had a lot of that before the weekend and feel about the same…

One of the rain storms that passed through the valley felt really magical. A fog rolled in and there was a gentle drizzle. The drizzle I could have done without, gentle or otherwise. The fog was what interested me. With all the lush plants around, the valley was transformed (prolly in about 15 mins, just for consistency's sake) into a rainforest.

The fog was high so I could still see into the woods. I felt that at any moment I would catch a slight breeze with my wings and glide away to further explore.

This rainforest was straight out of Costa Rica, Peru, or Ireland (I think we call all agree that the Irish rainforests are the coolest in more ways than one).

I wonder what magical places I will encounter in Sedona. Perhaps the dry deserts of the Amazon or the wet lush lunar landscape of Mars. Whatever comes, I look forward to seeing how it will change after 15 minuets.

Sedona Salutations
To Asheville and Beyond


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Saturday, 11 July 2020