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Where the Tire Meets the Pavement

Rubber on road, action is what I see missing in this world. As a man of action, its sometimes hard for me to sympathize. I'm working on the opposite path of many. I'm working on slowing down and not jumping into action so quickly. I see many coming the other way, learning how to transmute their ideas and emotions into reality.

Take the backlash at Trump, for example. Trump has engendered such passion and anger in the populace. Because of this activation energy, people are now moving to action. Thank God. Complacency kills as they say. I'd love to see more of the people who are moving to action against Trump adopt the Sanding Rock attitude.

At Standing Rock, water protectors are constantly bombarded by police brutality and aggression. Yet the do not take their anger, there passion, out against the police. Their mantra is, "Its not the police, its the pipeline."

Those at Standing Rock know that the police are not the problem, they are a symptom of the problem. Standing up against the police is extremely important, but fighting against the police would continue the cycle and would make the problem worse.

This is the same thing I see with Trump. Trump is a symptom of the problem not the problem itself. We must stand up against Trump when he does the wrong thing, and we must support him when he does the right thing. The system is the problem. Never forget that the true enemy is not Trump but the system. I'm looking for other people, people of action to help me change the system. People of integrity. I'm looking for a team of people to join me in traveling around the world to help develop communities and connect resources. I see all the pieces of the new system all around me but the pieces are not put together. I want to put these pieces together and I need help to do this.

If you know of anyone who may want to join my team please refer them to me.

Thank you for all your support,

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Saturday, 11 July 2020