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Guided Energy Meditation

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Guided meditation and energy work followed by Tai Chi Gong and a discussion.

This process will help melt energetic blocks that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential in this time of Ascension.



Imagine you are leaving a brightly lit party
and the paths outside are dark surrounded in mystery.
Come explore these paths in a safe space.

What are these paths? The paths of your highest potential,
the paths you have already chosen to walk.
They lead to your greatest vision of yourself unfolding.?

What to expect:? Guided meditation followed by movement and a discussion

First, letting go of the worries of the future and the past, you will sink into the Now using your body as a resting place. I will give you ergonomic tips and tricks as well as some instruction on how to rest your attention.

We practice meditating, exploring, playing with how to meditate effortlessly, restfully. From time to time I will bring your attention to this or that aspect of the practice.

Next, we stand up and move. We ground the energy that has built up in us. Paying attention to what is going on with the class that day, I will teach various movements that can aid in certain types of energy movement. I end with a simple auric field clear.?? Finally, we discuss. What questions do you have? What was your experience? Your insights may greatly help me and the others in the class. Through many perspectives we can come to greater harmony.

How to reset your attention:
You will find your attention has wandered off.
As you would guide an excited puppy, gently bring your attention back to your body.

Your attention has wandered off again.
Again, bring your attention back to the body, with out admonishing yourself, without shaming yourself. This is the process, this is like weightlifting. It takes may receptions before your muscles will get strong.

You have admonished yourself for letting your attention wander off.
Let this be ok. Admonishing yourself is part of our habit here in Western Civilization. It is ok that you have admonished yourself. Notice that this has happened, you have done this thing that you do not like…. and let go of it, know that you are making efforts to build heavier patters. You have showed up to to the work and here the work is happening. You are doing the right thing.

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