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Healing Energy Sessions

1 hour - $60

western door healing massageThis work will help ground, cleanse, and balance you. Energies that don’t serve you anymore will gently release.

What to expect:

An hour of relaxation.

A space for deep connection and healing.  Sessions are received resting on a comfortable massage table where a practitioner guides you into a state of deep relaxation using gentle questioning and light, non-invasive touch to identify what areas require more balance in your body and life.

Perhaps you need more attention around your head, perhaps more around your feet.  Energy balance is dynamic.  Periodically there will be times of silence and stillness to let energies settle and integrate within you.  It is in this state of deep relaxation that you will, without effort, receive that which you need.  A space is created where your body will be able to share its wisdom with you.  With this wisdom, you will be better able to bring this sense of deep peace to your daily life and others.

It is best to wear comfortable clothing to rest in for the session.  Stretch and drink some water after to help ground and wash away toxins that you may release. Take extra care as you drive home as you may be more tired than you know.


John is a student of NIASZIIH (pronounced Ni-a-zee-EYE) meaning vessel of healing.

As taught in the Wilderness Fusion Healing School, this is a nature-based system of healing that works with awareness and deep contact in healing the body, mind, and spirit. It addresses both the limitations and the gifts that arise from our wounding, while moving towards more peace, love, joy, and purpose. These teachings have been passed down to other healers from elder, scout, and shaman, Stalking Wolf."

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